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Edinburgh Talks & Seminars: May 7th – 11th

May 6, 2012

Monday May 7th

13:00 – ECRC – Fraser Symans: “Development of predictive genomic signatures for adjuvant chemotherapy and endocrine therapy of breast cancer”

Seminar Room, Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre, IGMM,  Western General Hospital

13:00 – Roslin Institute – David Westaway: “Locking Down Prion Infections”

Roslin Institute Auditorium, Easter Bush

16:00 – IIIR – Ruth Ley: “Gut microbiota in metabolic syndrome and pregnancy

Lecture Theatre 3, Ashworth Labs, KB campus


Tuesday May 8th

12:30 – Next Gen Bioinformatics Journal Club – Georgios Koutsovoulos

“A single pass approach to reducing sampling variation, removing errors, and scaling de novo assembly of shotgun sequences”

Room 1.50, Ashworth Labs, KB Campus

17:00 – CCACE – Kaare Christensen : “The Remarkable Plasticity of Ageing”

F21, Psychology Department, 7 George Square 

18:00 – Susan Greenfield – “The Neuroscience of Identify”

Public Lecture at Heriot-Watt University

Wednesday May 9th

13:00 – Quantitative Genetics Journal Club – Serap Gonen

Christie et al: “Genetic adaptation to captivity can occur in a single generation”, PNAS (2011)

Seminar Rooms B&C, Ashworth Labs, KB Campus

19:30 – Bright Club Edinburgh 7.0: “Reflections”

The Stand comedy club, York Place, Edinburgh

Thursday May 10th

12:00 – SynthSys – Dr Stephan Seiler, University of Goettingen, Germany

Seminar Room – 1.08, CH Waddington, KB Campus

18:00 – Royal Society of Edinburgh – Jim Al Khalili – “Alan Turing, Legacy of a Code Breaker”

George Square Lecture Theatre, George Square, Edinburgh

Friday May 11th

16:00 – IEB  Happy Hour – Trevor Beford – “Antigenic flux in the influenza virus population”

Lecture Theatre 3, Ashworth Labs, KB campus


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