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Edinburgh Talks & Seminars: June 25th – 29th

June 22, 2012

Monday June 25th

12:00 – Cell & Molecular Biology – Frank Wellmer – “Deciphering the Gene Regulatory Network Underlying Floral Organ Specification in Arabidopsis”

Lecture Theatre 1, Daniel Rutherford Building, Kings Buildings

15:45 – Centre for Neuroregeneration – Antonella Riccio – “A novel epigenetic mechanism in developing neurons”

Lecture Theatre B, Chancellors Building, Little France

16:00 – Chancellor’s Fellowship seminar – Olivier Binda – “On your histone mark, SET, methylate!”

HGU Seminar Room

16:00 – Daphne Koller – “The Online Revolution: High-Quality Education for Everyone”

Lecture Theatre 1, 7 Bristo Square

Tuesday June 26th

09:30 – BSA Section Meeting – Colin Semple – “Mysteries of the Human Genome”

HGU Seminar Room

11:00 – HGU – Paul Foster – “UKBiobank and EPIC Norfolk Cohorts and Aetiology of Eye Disease in the UK”

HGU Seminar Room

12:00 – ECRC – Hitesh Patel – “The role of Kindlin-1 in adhesion and cell-cycle regulation”

ECRC Seminar Room

12:00 – NGS Journal Club: Urmi Trevedi –

A survey of error-correction methods for next-generation sequencing

Room 1.50, Ashworth Labs, KB Campus

Wednesday June 27th

13:00 – Cell Biology – Geoff Barton – “Alignment Visualization and Analysis with Jalview”

Lecture Theatre 1, Daniel Rutherford Building, Kings Buildings

16:00 – Roslin – Manfred Gahr – Sexual differentiation of the song control system and singing in birds

Roslin Institute Auditorium

17:00 – “An Evening of Synthetic Biology”

Swann Lecture Theatre, Kings Buildings

Thursday June 28th

09:30 – BSA Journal Club – James Prendergast

Detectable clonal mosaicism from birth to old age and its relationship to cancer

HGU Seminar Room

13:00 – IGMM Seminar – Nicholas Katsanis – “Modeling the Morbid Human Genome”

HGU Seminar Room

16:00 – PODS – Tea with Nicholas Katsanis

ECRC Meeting Room #3

Friday June 29th


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