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Edinburgh Talks & Seminars: July 9th – 13th

July 9, 2012

Monday July 9th

20:00 Cafe Scientifique – Julia Collins: “A Knot’s Tale”
Filmhouse Bar

Tuesday July 10th

11:00 IGMM Seminar – Rob Jelier: ” Of Yeast and worms, individual genome predictions and single cell phenomics”
12:00 IGMM Seminar – Helder Ferreira: “A role for sumoylation in nuclear organisation and DNA repair ”
MRC Seminar Room

16:00 Roslin Seminar – Tara Spires-Jones: “Alzheimer’s disease through the looking glass: Protein aggregation and synapse loss”
Roslin Institute Auditorium

Wednesday July 11th

16:00 IEB Seminar – Stephen Wright: “How much selection is acting on plant genomes?”
LT3, Ashworth Labs, Kings Buildings

Thursday July 12th

14:00 SCRM – Mark Lynch: “Fluidigm solutions for gene expression, genotyping and targeted resequencing”
SCRM Seminar Room, Edinburght BioQuarter


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