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Edinburgh Talks & Seminars: July 9th – 13th

Monday July 9th

20:00 Cafe Scientifique – Julia Collins: “A Knot’s Tale”
Filmhouse Bar

Tuesday July 10th

11:00 IGMM Seminar – Rob Jelier: ” Of Yeast and worms, individual genome predictions and single cell phenomics”
12:00 IGMM Seminar – Helder Ferreira: “A role for sumoylation in nuclear organisation and DNA repair ”
MRC Seminar Room

16:00 Roslin Seminar – Tara Spires-Jones: “Alzheimer’s disease through the looking glass: Protein aggregation and synapse loss”
Roslin Institute Auditorium

Wednesday July 11th

16:00 IEB Seminar – Stephen Wright: “How much selection is acting on plant genomes?”
LT3, Ashworth Labs, Kings Buildings

Thursday July 12th

14:00 SCRM – Mark Lynch: “Fluidigm solutions for gene expression, genotyping and targeted resequencing”
SCRM Seminar Room, Edinburght BioQuarter


Edinburgh Talks & Seminars: July 2nd – 6th

Monday July 2nd

17:45 – BSA Sci-Screen: “Gold Diggers of 1937”

Filmhouse, Lothian Road

19:30 – Humanist Society of Scotland – A C Clarke

Mercure Edinburgh City Hotel, Princes St

Tuesday July 3rd

18:00 – ICMS Public Lecture – Robert Grist – “The Mathematics of Holes

Old College Lecture Room 183

18:30 – Physiological Society Public Lecture –  Gareth Leng – “The Loving Brain

Edinburgh International Conference Centre

19:00 – ASCUS – “The Clipperton Project

The Canon’s Gait

19:30 – Science Showoff – “An open mic night for science communicators

Voodoo Rooms

Wednesday July 4th

Thursday July 5th

1300 – IGMM Research Seminar – Kerrie Taylor, Emily Chambers, Gillian Taylor

HGU Seminar Room

1400 – Microbiology – Douglas H Bartlett –  “The Benefits of James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge Expedition to Hadal Microbiology”

Room 7.15, Swann Building, KB

1800 – The Future Shape of Public Services in Scotland

National Library of Scotland

Friday July 6th

16:30 – TFI Friday Wimbeldon Special

HGU Seminar Room

18:30 – RBS Museum Talks – Dava Sobel

National Museum of Scotland

Edinburgh Talks & Seminars: June 25th – 29th

Monday June 25th

12:00 – Cell & Molecular Biology – Frank Wellmer – “Deciphering the Gene Regulatory Network Underlying Floral Organ Specification in Arabidopsis”

Lecture Theatre 1, Daniel Rutherford Building, Kings Buildings

15:45 – Centre for Neuroregeneration – Antonella Riccio – “A novel epigenetic mechanism in developing neurons”

Lecture Theatre B, Chancellors Building, Little France

16:00 – Chancellor’s Fellowship seminar – Olivier Binda – “On your histone mark, SET, methylate!”

HGU Seminar Room

16:00 – Daphne Koller – “The Online Revolution: High-Quality Education for Everyone”

Lecture Theatre 1, 7 Bristo Square

Tuesday June 26th

09:30 – BSA Section Meeting – Colin Semple – “Mysteries of the Human Genome”

HGU Seminar Room

11:00 – HGU – Paul Foster – “UKBiobank and EPIC Norfolk Cohorts and Aetiology of Eye Disease in the UK”

HGU Seminar Room

12:00 – ECRC – Hitesh Patel – “The role of Kindlin-1 in adhesion and cell-cycle regulation”

ECRC Seminar Room

12:00 – NGS Journal Club: Urmi Trevedi –

A survey of error-correction methods for next-generation sequencing

Room 1.50, Ashworth Labs, KB Campus

Wednesday June 27th

13:00 – Cell Biology – Geoff Barton – “Alignment Visualization and Analysis with Jalview”

Lecture Theatre 1, Daniel Rutherford Building, Kings Buildings

16:00 – Roslin – Manfred Gahr – Sexual differentiation of the song control system and singing in birds

Roslin Institute Auditorium

17:00 – “An Evening of Synthetic Biology”

Swann Lecture Theatre, Kings Buildings

Thursday June 28th

09:30 – BSA Journal Club – James Prendergast

Detectable clonal mosaicism from birth to old age and its relationship to cancer

HGU Seminar Room

13:00 – IGMM Seminar – Nicholas Katsanis – “Modeling the Morbid Human Genome”

HGU Seminar Room

16:00 – PODS – Tea with Nicholas Katsanis

ECRC Meeting Room #3

Friday June 29th

Edinburgh Talks & Seminars: May 7th – 11th

Monday May 7th

13:00 – ECRC – Fraser Symans: “Development of predictive genomic signatures for adjuvant chemotherapy and endocrine therapy of breast cancer”

Seminar Room, Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre, IGMM,  Western General Hospital

13:00 – Roslin Institute – David Westaway: “Locking Down Prion Infections”

Roslin Institute Auditorium, Easter Bush

16:00 – IIIR – Ruth Ley: “Gut microbiota in metabolic syndrome and pregnancy

Lecture Theatre 3, Ashworth Labs, KB campus


Tuesday May 8th

12:30 – Next Gen Bioinformatics Journal Club – Georgios Koutsovoulos

“A single pass approach to reducing sampling variation, removing errors, and scaling de novo assembly of shotgun sequences”

Room 1.50, Ashworth Labs, KB Campus

17:00 – CCACE – Kaare Christensen : “The Remarkable Plasticity of Ageing”

F21, Psychology Department, 7 George Square 

18:00 – Susan Greenfield – “The Neuroscience of Identify”

Public Lecture at Heriot-Watt University

Wednesday May 9th

13:00 – Quantitative Genetics Journal Club – Serap Gonen

Christie et al: “Genetic adaptation to captivity can occur in a single generation”, PNAS (2011)

Seminar Rooms B&C, Ashworth Labs, KB Campus

19:30 – Bright Club Edinburgh 7.0: “Reflections”

The Stand comedy club, York Place, Edinburgh

Thursday May 10th

12:00 – SynthSys – Dr Stephan Seiler, University of Goettingen, Germany

Seminar Room – 1.08, CH Waddington, KB Campus

18:00 – Royal Society of Edinburgh – Jim Al Khalili – “Alan Turing, Legacy of a Code Breaker”

George Square Lecture Theatre, George Square, Edinburgh

Friday May 11th

16:00 – IEB  Happy Hour – Trevor Beford – “Antigenic flux in the influenza virus population”

Lecture Theatre 3, Ashworth Labs, KB campus

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